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Each individual has specific financial goals and needs that require particular attention. To that end, we pledge to gather as much information about you, our client, as we can during our meeting. This is crucial in order for us to make good, sound investment recommendations. Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your goals and objectives Call today to schedule a free retirement evaluation to see if you are on the right track by incorporating one or more of the following products and services:

Tax Management

Often times your portfolio may be ravaged by the effects of paying excessive taxes on your earnings, even though you may not be planning on using your money for some time. We, at Regency Financial Group can put a plan together that will allow your money to grow without the adverse effects of taxes. We can meet this objective through a variety of means.

Portfolio Management

Still feeling the effects of the last market correction? Have you done enough to properly prepare yourself for the next one? Now is a great time to reevaluate your current portfolio. By scheduling a complimentary portfolio review with our office you can take the first step towards making sure your portfolio is properly diversified with recommendations based on your financial goals and objectives.

Retirement Planning

One of the biggest challenges we all face is whether or not we have saved enough to allow us to live comfortably in retirement. In today's complex financial world, it's increasingly more important to make sure that you have saved enough in the proper blend of investments to support your desired lifestyle. As we are all well aware, Social Security and pensions alone won't be enough to support us once we retire.


Have you recently changed jobs? Deciding on a career change or simply in transition? What should you do about your old 401(k)? Typical retirement plans can be highly restrictive and force you to choose between a limited menu of funds. Consider transferring that 401(k) into your own rollover IRA. This allows you to gain more control of your retirement by taking advantage of a wider variety of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other investments. In addition, some 401(k) plans now allow you to take an "in service" distribution. This allows you to roll over a portion of your 401(k) plan into your IRA plan even while you are still working. Let us help you better understand your options so you can be sure to get the most out of your retirement plan.

Insurance and Annuity Products

Done enough to provide a living legacy for your heirs? Have you taken the time to properly evaluate your insurance needs? Depending on your assets and tax bracket you may be able to ease the burden of paying excessive taxes on your investment earnings over time. We achieve this through the introduction of tax deferred investments into your portfolio. In addition, we can also help you determine if you have enough insurance coverage to protect your family if something unexpected should happen to you. This extra protection can help your family pay off your bills and will be passed on to them free of taxes.

Mutual Funds

With a dizzying array of mutual funds, EFT's and alternative investments finding the proper blend in your portfolio can be a bit overwhelming. How can you be sure you have "all the bases" covered? There are literally hundreds of mutual funds, EFT's and alternatives with different objectives. We at Regency Financial Group can help assist you in streamlining this process to determine the appropriate blend of funds based on your goals and objectives. This is the fundamental core of proper portfolio diversification, and to achieving your financial goals.

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